Friday, May 03, 2013 lose a companion, friend...

Nicki and Cheyenne at Ship Wreck Point

I know I have a lot of dogs. I do love them all...but my Nicki, my sweet Nicki was my angel girl. That special pound dog. That dog that is so much more than just a dog. She is a companion, truly my best friend. An angel. Pet? No, family member. She was everything we could ever love and hope for.

My sweet Nicki girl had a stroke last Saturday night. And the once proud and independent girl (who marked with the best of the boys) was brought down to being full of embarrassment and humiliation. Poor sweet girl. She didn't realize I didn't mind cleaning up after her. She didn't realize I would try to help her outside. Nope, she insisted on trying to do it herself. She couldn't.

Strokes are horrific for both people and animals.

Miss Nicki was going to be 15 years old on May 2nd.

You know what I keep seeing? That sweet dog running toward me in her fun wiggly way when she was full of life and playing at the beach at mach II. Big smile on her face as she whizzed by with an air of "catch me if you can"

I love my sweet Nicki girl...I will always miss you baby.


Emily said...

Hugs to you.

My cat was 15 when she had a stroke and her back legs went - It was terrible to see her like that and as with you dog, she tried to carry on without any help from me. She died peacefully (no vet visits for us) which I was glad about but I still wished it hadn't happened and didn't know how to be without her... It gets easier - Promise!

It's good you're thinking of happy times. But i'll send more hugs anyway!


AnniKae said...

oh, I'm so sorry for your loss.
You don't know me, but I found you on the Etsy Birthday Page. It's my b-day as well, so I thought I would stop by and tell you...
Happy Birthday!
Anni Kae