Sunday, May 19, 2013

More Landscapes - Works in Progress

This Sunday morning. I am trying to get myself organized and put together to get back into painting. It's been a few days while I get some things reorganized, evaluate inventory, works in progress, paints, brushes etc. All around feeding, milking and caring in general for the critters around here. The goats are yelling to be fed and milked while I type this as a matter of fact :-) 

This last week I have been going through all of my works in progress and trying to just get more organized once again. The cleaning out and rearranging of the studio is coming along pretty well, just a little slow now that the rains have come back. It's just not real fun tromping back and forth from the house to the studio through 4 German Shepherds who are excited to see you, as if they have never seen you, each time you go back and forth. Did I mention the mud? Anyway, not a lot of fun and rather messy so the process has slowed a bit. Not entirely, just not the super rate I was going after at the start of this endeavor.

I have several landscapes that are in the pipeline and thought I'd share the early stages of the pieces, at least so we can see a reference point by the time they are finished up. I have found that this is actually an excellent learning experience and when I can I will be doing this more often. These pieces in progress range in size, medium to small. At some point I will be able to share the larger canvas's I have as work in progress as well. They just happened to be packed away at the moment while I'm getting the studio cleaned out and organized. 30x40" of the Miami House (see the study below) up next!

12x16" on paper

12x16 on paper

5x7" on canvas

9x12" on paper

6x12" on canvas

6x12" on canvas

6x12" on canvas

Completed Study of the Miami House in AZ - Study for a Commissioned piece. Oil Pastel.

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