Friday, May 03, 2013

Painful Melancholy Beauty

So I'm sitting here late at night, thinking I should go to bed. But I just can't seem to drag my sorry butt into it. I'm tired, losing concentration This means I'm not able to do the typical graphic stuff I typically do at or around this time. Graphic stuff includes preparing images for web, for print blah blah blah.

So why the heck can't I just give up??? Not sure I know at the moment, but I do know I'm suffering some sort of depression or anger issues. Everything is pissing me off and that isn't even remotely my nature! I'm almost always easy going and nice. Love nature, love people (well, some of them anyway) love my family...all my damned animals.

Maybe I'm just getting overwhelmed. Maybe it was hearing that we are in for a colder, wetter winter up here in the pacific northwest. Now that will depress the Pope I tell you! I'm not religious, certainly not Catholic (no offense whatever meant to Catholics) But he seems like a stand up guy who handle just about anything. Try 10 years up here on the northern coast of Washington. I'm getting fussy about it. Love the summers, but the winters...ugh. Rain, rain and more rain.

And don't even tell me or consider Seattle part of the mix. It does not rain Seattle. It's all a myth perpetuated by who ever perpetuates these things. Probably the same person who convinced everyone it snows all winter in Denver. No. Try upstate NY for that one I guess. But anyway, Seattle gets nowhere near the rain we do. In fact, speaking of NY, New York City gets a smidge more rain than Seattle does!

So there. Nope. I live out in the actual rain forest. Yes. There is a real rain forest in the US. A rarity actually as it is only one of a few temperate rain forests in the world. Tell me about it. I live in it and while it is fantastically beautiful (and I hear vampires and werewolves live out here close by, very close by) it is rough trying to make it through late fall, winter and spring while keeping one's head on straight.

Here are some links to how pretty it is: (I'm trying to make myself deal with it better, can you tell?-- What can I say? I'm from Colorado)
Actually, the Port Angeles link is a great one but it's 55 miles away from me over in the sun belt. They get about 18-20 inches of rain a year. If they are lucky. Nope. I get about 100-175" depending on the year. Some parts out here get up 200 plus. The actual rain

I have to laugh at the visitors that come out here. Not to their face of course. But in general. They fuss and complain or are disheartened because they come out to visit the rain forests of Olympic National Park in the summer! And they get upset because it isn't raining! It doesn't rain here in the summer! (The whole 8 days we get) Very rarely does it rain in the summer! Let us locals have a little time of no rain. Eh? Just a little?

Come on up here in late October through May. You'll get all the melancholy, sweet beauty and sadness type whatever you are looking for in the rain forest then. And it is beautiful I do have to say. But it does get old after 8 or more long months.

Ok, so I'm getting a little cranky again. That's because it's now 2 am and I reckon it's really time to give it up and heave the night owl off my shoulder. He'll be back on me tomorrow I'm sure. And besides, I still have some fussing to do to make myself feel better about living in such a painfully beautiful place.

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