Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Kiln dried alder boards as canvas!

I have started a new project (for me) because I have come into a large and rather constant, if I ask for it, supply of kiln dried alder from a local flooring mill. 

When they are making the boards ready for production they have to cut off the ends, some are bad, some are very interesting (for incorporating natural abstract design) and some have not one thing wrong with them. I can't bear the thought of these being tossed out, so I'm playing around with them. 

This set is more floral, another set I'll share later is abstract collage (expressionism) and I suspect I will also be painting some landscapes on these as well. The fun!! These boards are all around an inch or so thick. I'm really excited so far with some of the techniques I've been able to employ, including sanding, even with paint on it already. Really fun effects. 

 To start off, I have these floral pieces that I have started. One is actually a little more abstract, but we'll see where it takes me.

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