Thursday, November 03, 2011

New Back to Mother - the underpainting

I've been determined to get back to painting one of my favorite subjects, old adobe buildings and churches in the southwest, specifically Colorado and New Mexico. I've painted this particular subject, this old Spanish Church before, but wanted to work it from the point of view of using a red under painting.

I usually do not share the process, but due to some fairly persistent requests, I now offer this as the first in a few of the new paintings I am working on. Stay tuned, this just might be fun!

The two images are included because one is under a flash from the camera and the other with a warm light only and no flash. Interesting how light plays with color isn't it? One is a bit "cold" even with a red under painting and the other shows "warmth" Fun to play with but very important when showing on line and in galleries. Lighting, very important!

Please feel free to leave some thoughts if so inclined. I would love to hear your point of view. This piece is not finished of course, it is the under painting once again, but I will en devour to share meaningful changes as I progress with the piece.

The piece is acrylic 12x24x1.5" - deep gallery style canvas, framing not required.


Laney of Limerick said...
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Laney of Limerick said...

Persistence pays off! Thank-you for bringing your Art out again Christine! We have missed it! Continued success! xo